Why invest in Berlin?

* Berlin, capital of Europe’s largest economy, has risen to be a top contender in the European property market. The PwC Emerging Trends in Real Estate® Reshaping the future Europe 2018 ranks Berlin as the most desirable city in Europe ahead of Frankfurt and Copenhagen and with the highest increase in rental and value. 

* Even though prices have been increasing at a steady rate, average property prices in Berlin are still much lower than in most other top European capitals and are considered undervalued.

* Census statistics indicate that there is a constant population growth in the German capital. In 2017, Berlin had almost 50,000 more inhabitants than in the previous year, and this trend shows no sign of declining. The dynamic economy draws people from within the country and from abroad to live and work. New construction has been insufficient to handle this influx. Demand is high, especially for high-end apartments in central city areas, and has a clear upward effect on rent and purchase prices.

* Berlin is the political, cultural, and educational center of Germany. Since reunification, most government entities have moved from Bonn to the new capital Berlin. There has also been an increase in companies relocating their headquarters to Berlin or opening offices in the capital. The local market is currently characterised by numerous start-ups that are receiving considerable recognition also outside of Germany. The city’s technology, media and creative industries, known as „Silicon Alley“, total almost 37,000 companies.

* Berlin is Germany’s most international city. It not only attracts young entrepreneurs who develop new business models, especially in the e-commerce industry, but also artists, fashion designers and other highly creative and qualified people from all over the globe. The tourism sector is one of the most important economic segments in Berlin. The number of overnight stays has been on the rise for several years and nearly every second tourist comes from outside of Germany. As a travel destination, Berlin comes 3rd in Europe after London and Paris.

When you invest in Berlin, you have the chance to obtain safe and stable returns within a secure and transparent legal infrastructure.

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